Flux Redux Knockout Kit

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Our knockout kit features top and bottom Picatinny rail with integrated trigger guard and newly designed ergonomic mag-pull adding just the right amount of mass to house the upgrades inside. Inspired by Dr. Flux's unique aesthetic this kit brings a very sci-fi gunslinger aesthetic to everyone's favorite Rival pistol. 

The culmination of our work with the knockout over the past year created a war-worthy sudo-primary with unmatched accuracy in this compact form (when paired with the optional Accusaber). Thorough testing on and off the field has shown this to be a best-in-class option for the marksman in the foam sport hobby. Taking the known performance when pairing a brassed knockout with adventure force pro darts and our inline clip allows 3 rapid back-to-back shots before a reload. 

Primary Color is for the muzzle and lower rail

Secondary Color is for top rails, scorpion grip, trigger guard

Mag Pulls are all printed in Black 

    Contents and print time: 

    • Top rail 8hrs
    • Rear rail 4hrs
    • Muzzle 10 hrs
    • Inline clip 1.5hr
    • Brass Barrel
    • Rear rail 2.5hrs
    • Trigger guard 1hr
    • Mag pull 3hrs
    • Front grip 1hr
    • Hardware