Flux Redux Knockout Kit

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In Preparation for the up-and-coming build guide by one "Dr. Flux" for: "THE BOX #3", we are now doing a limited run of just the kit by popular demand.

Our new knockout kit features top and bottom Picatinny rail with integrated trigger guard and newly designed ergonomic mag-pull adding just the right amount of mass to house the upgrades inside. Inspired by Dr. Flux's unique aesthetic this kit brings a very sci-fi gunslinger aesthetic to everyone's favorite Rival pistol. 

The culmination of our work with the knockout over the past year created a war-worthy sudo-primary with unmatched accuracy in this compact form (when paired with the optional Accusaber). Thorough testing on and off the field has shown this to be a best-in-class option for the marksman in the foam sport hobby. Taking the known performance when pairing a brassed knockout with adventure force pro darts and our inline clip allows 3 rapid back-to-back shots before a reload. 

    Contents and print time: 

    • Top rail 8hrs
    • Rear rail 4hrs
    • Muzzle 10 hrs
    • Inline clip 1.5hr
    • Brass Barrel
    • Rear rail 2.5hrs
    • Trigger guard 1hr
    • Mag pull 3hrs
    • Front grip 1hr
    • Hardware 

    PSA: All Flux Redux Kits begin shipping no sooner than July 1st, 2021 this is in order to allow adequate time for the fulfillment of our outstanding orders for "The Box #3" Wave 1 and Wave 2. The purchase of "Expedited Shipping" for these orders in no case will result in your order leaving our office prior to July 1st.

    Thank You For Your Understanding.