Spectrum Switch Plate & Battery Tray

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The Spectrum Is a great base blaster but it's even better when modded. These 3D-printed parts will make converting your Spectrum to LiPo a breeze. Forget about the messy clipping and sanding in order to make room in the battery tray for a LiPo. Just unscrew the old one and pop in this replacement one! It fits a 2S Graphene 950 perfectly with plenty of room for a LiPo alarm (Note: This tray is NOT designed to fit any battery larger than a 2S Graphene 950). It features 4 different wire channels so you can wire it anyway you'd like. If your using a LiPo then a 21A microswitch is a must. But fitting one in exactly the right place can be a pain especially when you have to use messy hot glue or epoxy. NO LONGER! Just fit the plate in, trim whatever plastic is in the way, then screw your switch on with the included screws. I even designed it so that you can run the wires underneath the plate for a neat and tidy look.

NOTE: Colors may vary depending on whatever filament I have extra of. They will most likely come in gray or black.

Installation guide: https://youtu.be/c8VvJr8uMAE

I do not offer returns, refunds, or repairs for this item.

WARNING: Never leave 3D printed in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It also not recommended to leave outside in wet conditions or to put excessive amounts of stress on this part. Please use common sense.