SEASON 2 EPISODE 2 - "The Traveling Salesman"

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Welcome! For Episode 2 we have a wonderfully awesome Ballista Kit designed by Foamblasted of Germany! This fun interchangeable handheld ballista kit combo fires ultra darts, and mega darts. Can be used alone or together with the handle and adapter. Will also work on modern NERF rails (circa 2018ish and newer). These fun little beasts pack quite the punch as a first defense against the magic users! 

STORYLINE and TARGETS created by/drawn by CLOWNIE NERF!

All boxes comes in a sack of protection and includes your ballista kit, 2 pieces of anti magic ammo, an anti magic propaganda flyer to join the cause, and a short story of "why". Color schemed shipped is shown in picture however handles will be in grey and light grey. 

THIS MONTHS HOBBY SHOT BY GALACTIC KR8TIONS is the famed "Caliburn" by Captain Slug, reimagined and scaled to fit in your pocket! You're enemies will be shook when you draw a mini caliburn to make them bow before you in fear! 

Captain Slug has selected as his charity for donations. Please visit their site for more information! 

Colors will be as shown with exception of the mag being hyper blue!  ******6 MONTH SUBS ONLY-----PLEASE SEND US A MESSAGE IF YOU WANT DIFFERENT COLORS FOR YOU HOBBY SHOTS!!!!!!

Always be safe and protect those eyes from darts! They may be foam, but they can do damage without proper protective gear!

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