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WE HAVE NOW ADDED THE 6 MONTH OPTIONS!!!! All 6 month option prices also include economy shipping for the remaining 5 months. 6 month subscribers also have the extra perk of color choices (out of black, space gray, hyper blue, orange, red and purple! 

"Hobby Shots Season 1" is a collection of 6 'Hobby Shots' redesigned by Galactic Kr8tions with permission from the original designers. Each month of Season 1 will feature a modified version of the original design, specifically made for the Nerf Alpha Strike Stinger. You can choose to purchase with or without the blaster included. 

Meant to celebrate the ingenuity of the hobbyist designers of the Nerf Community, the profits from the first half of the year will be donated to a charity of the original designers choice. 

Hobby Shot Month #1 introduces .........

THE LYNX- originally designed by Dan of Orion Blasters and printed in Hyper Blue with a Space Gray Mag as shown in photos provided of the actual product.   The charity selected by Dan of Orion Blasters for donations is forkids.org please visit their site for more information on their cause. 


Disclaimer: Modifications to blasters are not supported by Frantz Foam Works (FFW) and done at your own risk. Modifying blasters with aftermarket parts may increase wear on your blaster causing premature failure. By purchasing this product you agree to understanding and accepting this risk.

Warning: Modified blasters are no longer considered toys and as such are not suitable for use by children without supervision by an adult. All modifications are done at your own risk. FFW is not responsible or liable for any damage or injuries resulting from the modification or use of your blaster. Always be safe and take precautions when using and modifying your blasters. Always wear eye protection.

*FFW is in no way affiliated with Hasbro, Nerf or their subsidiaries.