Fully Modded Super Spectrum with Hadron kit

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This is no ordinary Spectrum. This blaster has been modded to the MAX! Sporting upgraded internals and a full Hadron kit this is one mean blaster. It features a muzzle and stock printed out of exclusive sparkle blue filament (a color that is not available for regular purchase). On the inside it has a 40mm printed cage (designed by BuffDaddyNerf), Daybreak flywheels, and Fang Revamp motors. It hits an average of 165 FPS and is highly accurate. A fantastic blaster that not only looks good but has the power to back it up! Hand-built by the designer of the Hadron kit, RexTech. 

Note: this item ships from a different location than most other FFW products.

Feel free to contact RexTech with any questions.