Box 6: The RFX Prism

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We would like to start by thanking all of those who have made our Subscription Box an overwhelming success! It's always a nice surprise when you underestimate the response from the community to the point where you have to turn to other designers in the hobby for assistance in completing our obligations, like we did with Box 4. The RFX Prism Tier system is the culmination of 3 months worth of work (even more when you consider all the R&D put into the spectrum cage and wheels by Foam Pro Shop). When deciding on a platform that was easy to mod and could deliver the hits, there's no better match currently on shelves than the Stryfe-killer itself- the Adventure Force Spectrum, paired with the "FPS" cage and wheels and a half dart conversion utilizing 18 darts of curved worker mag capacity courtesy of Containment crew. Our lead designer and Rex Tech Designs quickly realized that the spectrum's unusual profile was screaming to be the front half of a very sci-fi bullpup. And While that's no small task we believe you will agree that the conversion came out quite pleasing to the eye.This 10, 13 or 18 PC kit, is not only a seamless install for even the newest in our hobby space but accepts your standard half dart converters from Adventure Force as well as the Worker Springer adapter.

Kit Contents
Tier 1: $45
-Front muzzle
-Side plates
-Grip insert
-Grip sides
-Stock Cap
-Door Breacher (NOT A SLING POINT)

Tier 2: (includes Tier 1) additional $15
-Improved Half Dart Pusher
-Rev Trigger
-Curved 18 round Mag (Thank You Charles of Containment Crew)

Tier 3: (includes Tiers 1 and 2) additional $40
-Howler Wheels
-Megillah Cage
-RXT Battery Tray
-RXT Switch Plate

Below you will find links straight to the best resources in the hobby for all the necessary electronics:
-Xt60 Connectors:
-Micro Switch:


Disclaimer: Modifications to blasters are not supported by Frantz Foamworks (FFW) and done at your own risk. Modifying blasters with aftermarket parts may increase wear on your blaster causing premature failure. By purchasing this product you agree to understanding and accepting this risk.

Warning: Modified blasters are no longer considered toys and as such are not suitable for use by children without supervision by an adult. All modifications are done at your own risk. FFW is not responsible or liable for any damage or injuries resulting from the modification or use of your blaster. Always be safe and take precautions when using and modifying your blasters. Always wear eye protection.

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