Annihilator Upgrade Kit

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(primary color parts are orange in product pictures)
(Secondary Color parts are shown in black in product pictures)

The purpose of this kit is to take the Villainator, which is already a great HVZ blaster, and turn it into the “ULTIMATE” in zombie annihilation technology. By adding rails on your rails, you can now attach anything you could possibly want. You can attach anything from a flashlight and dart holders to a rail-mounted sidearm or mega-dart launcher. Or why not all of the above? The possibilities are endless! In addition, the Picatinny Pump and Stock Adaptor allow you to customize the blaster to your preferences by adding any stock and foregrip that you want. And if you don’t want a stock, there is a brass heat insert in the back that allows you to screw in a “Worker Metal Sling Swivel Threaded Attachment” and attach a sling. HVZ player approved.


Primary- parts shown in product photos in orange

Secondary- parts shown in product photos in black

The first of many collaborations between FFW and RexTech.