Adventure Force Spectrum Nerf Stock Adaptor (AF to N-strike)

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Ever wished you could use your favorite Nerf Stock on the new Adventure Force Spectrum? Now you can with this 3D-Printed adaptor. This will fit onto the back of your Spectrum and allow you to use any Nerf N-Strike shoulder stock. This adaptor is compatible with any N-strike stock, including ones made by aftermarket companies like Worker. The adaptor now features a locking latch that will keep the adaptor from coming off unexpectedly. If you don't want a stock but still want to attach a sling to your blaster, I gotcha covered! The adaptor has a brass insert on the back that allows you to screw in a sling point! You can add a ton of tactical functionality to your blaster with this one part!

Here's the Sling point that I recommend:

A couple things to note about this product:

  1. Some stocks may fit more snug than others. I've found that some stock are really tight (like Worker's ones) while other ones have a bit of wobble.

  1. This adaptor is designed to fit very snugly on the Spectrum. This is so that once it gets worn in there will not be any wobble. For that reason I DO NOT recommend painting the part of your blaster that this fits on.

  1. This adaptor is only compatible with the Adventure Force Spectrum. I will be releasing one that fit's on both the Villainator and the Spectrum. Keep an eye out for that, coming soon! 

Package includes: 1 3D-printed Adaptor in color/style of your choice

I do not offer returns, refunds, or repairs for this item.

WARNING: Never leave 3D printed in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It also not recommended to leave outside in wet conditions or to put excessive amounts of stress on this part. Please use common sense.