Adventure Force Stock Adapter

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Ever wished you could use your favorite Nerf Stock on the new Adventure Force blasters? Now you can with these 3D-Printed adaptors. These will fit onto the back of your Villainator, Spectrum, (or any other AF blaster with the same attachment point) and allow you to attach any Nerf N-Strike shoulder stock. These adaptors come in 2 different kinds and a variety of colors. Here's the differences between the two:

They Spectrum Adaptor (Light Gray) is designed to work exclusively on the Spectrum. It comes with a screw that allows it to be securely attached to the Spectrum. It is also much shorter than the other adaptors which allows you to use longer stocks.

The Universal Adaptor (Dark Gray) is compatible with both the Spectrum and the Villainator and has a latch that prevents the stock from being pulled off. Good for use with stocks that have sling points.

NOTE: I've found that Shoulder Stocks made by Worker can be a snug fit on these adaptors since they have tighter tolerances than stocks made by Nerf.

 WARNING: Never leave 3D printed in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It also not recommended to leave outside in wet conditions or to put excessive amounts of stress on this part. Please use common sense.