The String Shots (With/Without Masterkey)

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 String Shot or String Shot tactical?

Want a silent sidearm blaster that won't break the bank?  Then our own take on a crossbow blaster is found in the string shot mk1. Now- with picatinny rails, or not! This simple but fun design is brought to you from a collab between ZerobladeNL and Koatica designs, produced exclusively by FFW.  These blasters prefer darts in good shape!

Blaster range hitting 50 to 60 FEET at 70 to 80 FPS

******worker talon mags are now sold out! (They are compatible with both curved and straight worker talon mags, we just happen to have a few curved on hand in a very limited supply)

PRIMARY COLOR IS THE SLIDE, TRIGGER, AND NOSE ***and the masterkey (if added)


MKII will support slanted worker talon mags. Release TBD.