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Base kit includes:

1- Villainator half dart drum and fill in piece by NathanDetroit

1 -Dino Striker half dart cylinder and nose piece by Foamblasted of Germany

Color choice for both drum/cylinder

nose pieces are in orange, fill in pieces are neon green

Upgrade Options:

Add Dino Striker blaster (+$7)

Add Villainator blaster (+$25)

Add Both blasters (+$30)

There is also the option for 1 month or to save and get all 3 months. All 3 month subscribers will get our villainator annihilator kit (FFW/Rex Tech collab) in addition to month 3 in their choice of colors. 

For this run, if you subscribe for all 3 months, we will send an invoice for month 2 and 3 when they are ready to ship.

**We have limited quantities available for the blasters  ***now sold out of blasters 

these 3 months are “HVZ Tacticool”

Month 2 will be a collab with Fetterwurst

Month 3 will be a collab with Rraijjar blaster designs