JSPB Ninja Stringshot

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Check out Captain Xavier's Video here:


We have two options for this, a base model or the operator upgrade- which allows you to take on multi role mission objectives in your squad. The "Operator Upgrade" comes with a sight, a masterkey (credit to foamblasted germany), and an extra stock cap.

All orders come with built, and with a replacement string setup. 

**For this product we are also offering exclusive additional color options- Mint (think aquafresh), fuschia (pinky purple),  and blue (nerf blue).

Primary Color selected will be for the slide and (if applicable) the masterkey.

Secondary Color selected will be for the lower frame/grip and (if applicable) the sight.

Triggers and muzzle are all in orange. 

100 FPS average depending on string placement as it is tunable to operator's personal preference. 

***For this variant, we are encouraging our International customer OUTSIDE OF NORTH AMERICA to purchase directly from JSPB.  https://www.jspb3d.com/store/p201/Ninja_String_shot_DIY_KIT%5BPre-order%5D.html


Always were eye-pro! Be safe!

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