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 This month of THE BOX brings you ON TARGET- In this box you recieve an assorted sight package curated by FFW with designs from FOAMBLASTED of GERMANY and GALACTIC KR8TIONS!!! You get your choice of Captain Xavier's Classic Black and Orange color scheme OR a classic Nerf style Blue and Orange! All sights are picatinny compatible. All come fully assembled. 

The 3 Sights Included Are:

- Short Scope by Foamblasted Germany (standard short scope, no magnification, crosshair installed, just for fun/aesthetic)

-Low Pro Site by Foamblasted Germany (also fits onto short scope/any other picatinny rail)

-ACOG Battery Box Sight by Galactic Kr8tions (eliminates the need for ugly boxes hanging off of the side of your blaster)

**We have a limited supply of patches from DETROIT DART TALKS to go out with orders while supplies last!!! (6 month subscribers get one included with their subscription)

****************This month's HOBBY SHOT BY GALACTIC KR8TIONS is "The Griffon"-originally design by Flygonial

Flygonial has selected St. Jude's as the charity receiving donations from this kit. For more information, please visit their website!

Colors shipped are shown in picture!!!

Always be safe and protect those eyes from darts! They may be foam, but they can do damage without proper protective gear!

FFW is not affiliated with Hasbro, NERF, or their subsidiaries.