Spectrum Foregrip

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Upgrade the look and feel of your AF Spectrum with this 3D-printed foregrip/hand-rest. Like many people I found the Spectrum's stock foregrip to be small, wobbly, and uncomfortable in either position but without it there's not a good place to hold the blaster. The solution? This super comfortable and tactical foregrip. This grip has been designed to mold to the contours of your hand and features light texture on both sides to prevent hand-slip when things get intense (and sweaty). This foregrip is made up of 2 halves that clamp over the forward rail and give you a solid place to put your off-hand. The halves are held together with 2 screws (included) that make sure it doesn't move.

Warning: This grip may not fit as well if your blaster is painted.

I do not offer returns, refunds, or repairs for this item.

WARNING: Never leave 3D printed in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It also not recommended to leave outside in wet conditions or to put excessive amounts of stress on this part. Please use common sense.