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Season 2, Episode 1 "Runecaster or Cybromancer?"
Which side will you choose? 


The Children of Aether who use their Runecaster to defend universal law 

The WIll who use their Cybromancer to bend magic and machines to serve only themselves to obtain ultimate power

Enclosed in each box is your very own drawstring bag of holding with 4 wands and 12 spells (known as "darts" to those just starting their journey). You will also find inscriptions we have tried our best to translate from Runic to English which include a brief backstory, some beginner spells to get you started, and a rule sheet. Keep them secret, keep them safe. ;)


The Lynx- Originally designed by Dan of Orion Blasters, reimagined by Galactic Kr8tions as a body kit for the Nerf Alpha Strike Stinger. Kits can be purchased with or without blaster. All kits will be the colors in photos. 

There are several different options to chose from, so make sure to carefully read each drop down! 

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