Dart Link Blaster Display System

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Hook up your favorite display wall with FFW's newest product!  

The Dart Link is designed to really let your favorite magazine fed blaster "SHINE" with a removable lower support drawer that allows for either led strips powered by up to a AA size rechargeable battery or even daisy chain them together for the ultimate backlit blaster display wall. The core display system is half dart size but both Elite and MEGA dart magazine adapters are available. Our sturdy shelf design allows for perfect spacing for even the most tactiool rigs mounted in either left or right facing orientation letting you put your best face forward.

(Blasters are not required to be in the primed position for display)

Each Dart Link Core System purchase comes with the customers own personalized name plate which slides on to the picatinny rail located at the base of the unit. Access Ports in the front magazine stand allow for easy fastening directly to your wall using standard household hardware, As well as having a pegboard mount adapter which is included.

3D Printed Kit Consists of: 

  • Core Mounting System
  • Led Support Drawer
  • Peg Board Adapter
  • Personalized Name Plate
  • Optional Elite Size Adapter
  • Optional MEGA Size Adapter
  • Optional Leds for Rechargeable AA Size
Kit Types:
  • Core Mounting System 
  • Complete Kit System w/ Mag adapters 
  • Complete Kit System w/ Mag adapters + LEDs 
  • Elite Mag Adapter
  • Mega Adapter

File Access Including Future Renditions Available!

For International Shipping Please Message Us For Custom Invoicing.  

Color Options  Available  (All kits are a minimum of a 10 business day turn around as these kits are made to order)